The Electricity Eater (with a particular taste for neurons)’s Favourite Meal

Image Description: Black background with light electric blue to the right. A person wearing a highly reflective black tunic, only their head, neck, and torso showing. They’re tilted to their right (our left). Their head and neck have been split open in half. The neck is coming out of the slightly tapered neck of the tunic and it’s almost elastic in the way it’s moving side to side. On their right side, the head has short black hair which blends into the background, with brown eye and eyebrow. Perfectly normal. Then on their left side, their mouth is in a maniacal grin, their iris pink with only a bit of the older brown remaining, and the white of the eye spreading across the skin like paint or spreading mascara or tears. Eyebrow replaced with a shock of pink paint with a touch of blue in it, both flowing together down the side of their face. Only a bit of their mangled ear is visible, and a blue paint flows down from it. Their hair has become luminous light blue, forming the right part of the background.
On the bottom left corner, many jumbled groups of musical notes. They’re white, glowing, 3D and in Western notation. They get smaller as they get to the person’s left ear, and then they come out their mangled right ear, flowing out and getting bigger. They’re inverted sideways and look strikingly white against the blue. End Image Description.

This is a moment from the the mid-to-end part of Electricity Eater (with particular taste for neurons).

The electricity eaters are creatures on Earth who lurk in the shadows and eat electricity. They and one of them has a taste for neurons

Most other electricity eaters just eat electricity from houses and thunder and stuff, but one of them has taken a liking to neurons.

At the moment depicted in the story, it has decided that the regular old neurons of different animals, especially that of an anxious human, are great, but you know what would be an absolute delicacy.? The brain of someone who only copes with music. Make their brain squeeze out with the help of music that drives them… ‘mad’ is questionable. They did do this as a trade to become a god of music, so there’s that. It was voluntary. Not that that matters to the people who see the… the remains… the remains of the person. And really, not even that part matters to the electricity eater. It only cares about the absolutely delicious electricity .

Travellers on a Train: Through the Inner Planets, the first set of stories set on a train on a hill on a mountain on a sphere.

Where’s the train going? To its next stop. Where’s the sphere going? To its next stop.

The train climbs up a hill. It can’t do that forever. But it’ll find a new path, don’t you worry.

Why’s the view outside so big? Isn’t that the appeal of being in the universe? Why would you ask? Just enjoy the vastness and the comfort it brings. Enjoy being so closely blanketed by the sky. Enjoy delving deeper into the sky and being slowly enveloped by space.

You have questions, you’re bursting, flaring with them. But have patience, traveller. Have patience and calm and stories and fear and a mind that’s open to everything that comes its way. Carry all those things with you, stuff your bags full with them and then tuck them under the berth. And listen to the words of that wispy, planet-spined, smoke of a stranger in front of you. They’re quite eager to finally have a listener.

Part 1: Hello. Who are you? What are you? How are you?
Part 2: Spilling starry blood is illegal, don’t do that.
Part 3: Dreamy, dreams linear, concrete, and journeys whimsy-fied and things happen, right? Don’t they? Right?
Part 4: Coming home, just one planet away. Or two? Or three? Or have we been disowned?
Part 5: What was nature planning, anyway?
Part 6: Running, flashing, running away.
Part 7: Birds chirruping all around you, they circle ‘round your head and ‘round the star and ‘round and ‘round and ‘round and ‘round

followed by the second set of stories, Starpieces Clinging To Us (introduction and index coming soon!)